Authorized use of NFT images in cooperation platforms
Terms of Use
1.You can use this function to allow your friends to use the works related to the NFTs you hold as platform avatars or emoticons within a certain period. You understand and confirm that this function only provides an authorization to use the underlying works of NFT and does not involve any on-chain transfer of NFT.
2.Each NFT can only be authorized to one ID account at a time, and multiple NFTs can be authorized to the same ID account. You can cancel the authorization on this page at any time. After canceling the authorization, your friend’s ID account will not be able to continue to use the works related to the NFTs on the cooperative platform.
3.This function only supports some NFT series and some cooperative platforms, please refer to this page for details. You understand and confirm that, subject to the rules of NFT and cooperation platforms, the specific services of this function for different NFTs or different cooperation platforms may be different.
4.You understand and confirm that you or your friends will not use this function to carry out any profit-making activities or engage in any behavior that violates laws and regulations, third-party cooperation platform rules, NFT issuer rules or violates the legitimate rights and interests of third parties.
5.To provide you with this function, we need to provide the cooperative platform with the works related to the NFTs you hold, the information on the blockchain related to the NFTs you hold and the ID account of your friend on the designated cooperative platform. You understand and confirm that we will protect personal information and personal privacy in accordance with the Privacy Policy and use the aforementioned information only for the purpose of providing this function.
6.You understand and confirm that, if ① the NFT is transferred on the blockchain, ② there is an abnormality with the authorized ID account within cooperative platform, ③ you or your friend violates this authorization notice, ④ we terminate the cooperative relationship with the cooperative platform and NFT issuer, ⑤ regulatory policy changes and other force majeure factors, ⑥ the business strategy changes of CryptoNatty, cooperative platform or NFT issuer, ⑦other reasons that may cause this function to be unavailable, we will not be able to continue to provide this function to you, and we do not assume any responsibility for this.
5.为了向您提供本功能,我们需要向合作平台提供您的NFT底层作品、NFT链上信息及您好友在指定合作平台的账号ID。您理解并确认,我们将根据 Privacy Policy 保护个人信息及个人隐私,仅限提供本功能之目的使用前述信息。
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